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Hello, I am Nathalie, and now we will talk about YOUR money.

Did you feel that? That brief moment when some part of you hesitated? It does feel a bit uncomfortable to open up in this respect, right? At least for 64% of Germans that´s the case. But it does not need to be uncomfortable. This blog is made for you. It is a place where we talk openly about money and finances.

So, hello again, and nice to meet you. I am Nathalie, I studied politics and journalism and then worked for years in corporate communications and marketing. The idea for this blog came to me during my time in a bank I had the idea for this blog, because I was missing a medium regarding finances, which addressed me as a woman. A simple, unconventional approach to money. From woman to woman. Because I in my opinion, emancipation starts within your wallet.

Money rules the world and affects many areas of life – that is why I never get bored of this subject. But I do get bored of the dry Dow Jones explanations in the conventional media. That is the reason why I started this blog.

ndependa is your close friend at eye level with whom you sit on the sofa over a cup of tea, talking about taking your future into your own hands. The girlfriend with whom you discuss your independence and who shares her experiences on money with you. Why? Because we are all the same and yet each unique! We have similar desires and fears and this blog should be a place where there are no stupid questions and no condescending explanations from so-called „experts“. It is about sharing knowledge without claiming to know everything. Come, sit down, we will have a cup of tea and plan on world domination. 😉

You want to work with me? Then contact me here.

*The Dow Jones is the oldest American index. An index shows the average prices of the most important shares traded on the stock exchange. It represents America´s biggest listed companies. Therefore, a stock index from a country is a good indicator of how the largest listed companies in a country develop economically.


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